So in the rental house, we have limited space and limited glassware, neither of which are ideal for a party. But, for Brenna’s Confirmation, we decided to go for it anyway. One of best things you can do for a party, be it big or small, lavish or on a budget, is to introduce something with meaning. Here, Brenna chose the Confirmation name Dorothy. We researched it and found Dorothy was the Saint of Produce and Cultivation. St. Dorothy is always shown with apples and roses. So, of course, I started envisioning all sorts of complicated arrangements with roses and apples, when my Mom stepped in and simply did this. It worked. It was perfect. And we shared they story of Dorothy and apples and roses with our guests.


And, of course, some of our guests were wonderful enough to bring Brenna flowers. You know our vase situation. Enter the blender. It all worked out just fine.