Okay, when I made the Birthday Chalk Board for the front door, I mistakenly thought it was reusable. Not so. Apparently, the girls got it in their minds they each would have their own birthday front door. (What have I created?)

What to do for a 17 year old? Wasn’t sure at first. Didn’t want frilly, or childish. Happy to report I got this one right! And, for virtually no money. I had a one dollar frame from a yard sale, bought the M and the 17 at a craft store, painted them with the leftover chalkboard paint from Brenna’s birthday, and through up some paper flowers. I had hoped to up my paper flower game, but ran out of time and went with the old pattern I always use. Happy to report the teenager almost smiled.

I’m loving the new square and rectangle looks on my front door. Let’s see what comes next….