One of my favorite things about parties are the special little touches. You can’t go wrong with a cupcake cross. And this year we branched out (thank you pinterest) to Bible Fig Newtons. Did you ever think you’d read those words?


But, aren’t they cute? They required fig newtowns, white icing in a baggy to pipe, and red fruit rolls ups. Cut one side of the fig newtown to give the appearance of a book. Then cut a thin slice of fruit roll up to resemble a book mark. I pressed my book mark into the cookie with a tooth pick. This was the trickiest part. Pipe with white icing. My most important tip– have your plate or platter ready to go. These don’t transfer easy. Make sure you use a doily — the fruit roll ups do stick to a bare plate and will pull apart.


Finally, look who chipped in and did all the cupcake icing!