A little known pet peeve of mine has to do with wreaths. I can’t stand when they are hung at the wrong height. And I can’t stand when they are the wrong size. And, it’s very common for both things to occur at once. Why? Why? WHY?

Now I know this is a first world problem. But I can’t help myself. I see these wreaths all over. I just want to fix them. Which is why, I became particularly obsessed with the garage wreath. That’s right, it was hanging just as you see it. And, I saw it at least twice a day, as I had to pass it on my way to the main road.

My first reaction was surprise: Look at that wreath! What is it doing way down there, thrown over the garage door handle??? Someone probably didn’t get to finish decorating, and just put it there so it would be out of the way.

But as the days wore on, it was clear the garage wreath was not moving. In fact, as I looked at it more closely, I wasn’t even sure it was a wreath. Just a wild looking circle type thing with gold garland flying off it.


Several scenarios crossed my mind. #1: The owner put it there, meant to move it, and just got used to it. Decided it didn’t look that bad. Thought maybe it was ok there afterall. This has happened to me. This theory had potential. I felt compassion for the decorator.

Theory #2: The owner thought it looked good there. This theory seems particularly absurd, but I guess it could happen. Not sure how this leaves me feeling toward the owner. Very hard to believe this could be it.

As the days went on, I noticed the garage wreath had a type of wild abandon about it. It’s garish gold garland haphazardly caught the wind. It did have a certain confidence about it. A certain joy. A certain individuality about it. Then it hit me, Theory #3: I bet there’s a reindeer car behind that garage door. And with that, I fell in love with the owner. ( If you missed the reindeer car bit.ly/15bAttV )