do not

I got this in the mail the beginning of December – addressed to me, not the kids! I cannot even tell you how much fun I had with it. At first, I was like, oh, this is sweet. And I put it in my desk drawer. Every time I accidentally saw it, it made me smile. What could it be?

Soon, I decided it was too interesting to be in the drawer. Of course, I stuck it prominently on the tree. The envelope made me feel like a little kid. I considered opening it, and apparently I do have willpower (discussion of failed attempts of quitting sugar later), because I didn’t even attempt to steam it open. In fact, I savored not opening it. It even made me feel strong that I could resist it. If I could just not open the envelope, imagine what I can achieve! (yes, readers, this is where I am).

Once, it was on the tree, even the kids begged that we open it. As we closed in on Christmas, I called the sender to fill her in on what was happening. She promptly replied, “Oh God, it’s nothing.” I told her, I didn’t expect it to be anything, that I was just happy having so much fun with it. Plus, I really knew she put a key to a brand new car in that envelope.

do not 2

So the day after Christmas (feel my power growing!), I sat down with a cup of coffee and opened it. It was the sweetest necklace. It had a snow flake charm which reminded me immediately of a project we worked on together. I love it for a million reasons, including all the fun that went up to opening it.

Of course, I’m doing this next year. I am so sending a “Don’t open til Christmas” to some unsuspecting friend! Because what fun is Christmas without a little torture!