driveway 12

One of the best things about the first day of school is the memories you get to create. I absolutely love what my fabulous cousin Staci did chalking the word kindergarten in giant letters down her long driveway. And I think I just found my new favorite stylist in her daughter Carly Jane!! (Carly, I so love your dress and boots- please make me over!)

driveway 11

It was a such hit, I’m afraid Staci’s going to have to do it every year!

driveway 1

And it’s even better when the older kids will still pose! Here Carly Jane’s brother David gets ready for 5th grade. If you make it fun, you only have to force them a little bit — at least with my crew.

driveway 9

What better way to run off to school on the very first day! Love it!

driveway 7