garden 1

Who doesn’t love a good gift bag? It’s one of my favorite parts of party planning. I love giving them and getting them. I don’t even want to admit how much time I like to spend on them. Last weekend, my brother Dave came up with the most amazing gift bag, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even trying. At the end of my niece’s birthday party, he sent us all into his garden with brown paper bags. The pic. above is only part of our haul!

garden 4

All the kids happily went into the garden to see what they could find, including my picky, sometimes vegan, teen.

garden 3

What could be better than a plain, brown grocery bag that you get to fill with fresh vegetables?


How about a jar of homemade sauce? I swear, he’s not a show off. He just grew up to be some type of new age farmer. Lucky us.
garden 2