Following my party rule of “three special touches,” I came up with the idea of these adorable graduation caps. I made one for our dog door stop and one for our budda and baby statue. They were super easy. I put the dog by the front door, and called it a graduation party.


I used: a stiff piece of paper stock (I just had this glittered one in my stash), hot glue, paper clips, scissors and yarn. You don’t even need the paper clips, but they were a cheat in this instance. So, if your short on time, have some on hand.

The top of your cap is a simple square. The square needs to be bigger than the head you are putting the cap on. Hold the paper above the head, eyeball it, and cut yourself a square. Very scientific. Next, cut a strip of paper, about an inch wide, long enough to go around the entire head. Hot glue the ends of this strip to each other so you have a circle. (This is where you can also use the paper clip to hold the ends together). Now, glue the square to the top of your circular strip. Cap is done. Now, take your yarn. This makes the tassel. Eyeball what you want the drop of the yarn to be. Cut several pieces of yarn this same length, bundle, and hot glue onto the top of the cap. You could have made three in the time it took me to type that.