We are still in the Hotel House (our name for the rental we’ve been living in since our house was destroyed). The rental house is bare bones, just what you need. We’ve been here almost a year — and we just realized we don’t have a vase! What? This can’t be my life. But it is. No need for fresh flowers in almost a year??? Talk about a crime, but we’ll have to get to that another time. The point is, when Brenna got flowers after the school play, we had no vase. I didn’t think twice, and put them in this water bottle. The Hotel House was brought out the pioneer in me, or as I like to think, the college girl. (She seems more fun than a pioneer, right?)

20150205_163141 (1)

Thank goodness my Mom knows better, and showed up the next day with some mason jars. We put Brenna to work, and the presentation was so much better! College girl be gone! We’re adults now, Hotel House or not.


And you know what? If I had a vase, I would have put them in water myself. Having no vase led to a great afternoon. I got to teach Brenna about cutting, preserving and arranging store bought flowers. And she had fun!!!!