If you’re like me, you might just run out of time to do everything you want to do before Christmas. That’s what inspired “January Cookies” in our house. I decided not to beat myself up when we did not get to make our annual sugar cookies before the big deadline. Instead, we just mixed it up by making our cookies in January. We even added some blue sprinkles to celebrate winter.

Guess what? We still had fun. January Cookies taste just as good with milk. And I like to think I gave my kids a gift, that might just last until they are adults. When they grow up, I hope they don’t drive themselves crazy trying to squeeze everything into 25 days. Maybe they’ll remember January Cookies and give themselves a break.

Jan Cookies 4

Next year, I’m still aiming to make cookies in December. But I know it’s not the end of the world if they get pushed to January. It just makes the makes the season last a little longer.