Who doesn’t want to go to a Ladybug party! My friend Tommy Starling pulled out all the stops for his daughter’s birthday. Sometimes you just have to splurge, like he did on the cupcake tray above, to really make a statement ( and save yourself a ton of time). But don’t worry, Tommy’s got plenty of DIY Ladybug party ideas he’s willing to let us steal.


Before we get to that, I have to gush over Tommy a little more. He’s the author of the amazing children’s book Bob’s New Pants, which is about a curious Lady Bug, who teaches kids about diversity. It’s perfect for ages 3 to 7, and available on Amazon. Who better to give us tips for a Ladybug Party!


I thought this was genius. Tommy simply stuffed fresh raspberries with milk chocolate chips.

tommy 5

If you don’t want to go for the chocolate chips, you could substitute raisins and still get a Ladybug look. ( I, however, would never mess with the perfection of raspberries and chocolate!)


For his Ladybug pretzels, Tommy dipped pretzels in red and black colored chocolate, applying edible eyes before the chocolate dried. We debated whether these were cute or creepy, and I went for super cute!

tommy 15

The final sweet touch were the Ladybug giftbags. Tommy filled them with black and red jelly beans, and threw in a random white white jelly bean — just to remind us, like Bob the Ladybug, we are a little different, and special just the same.