bething suit 1

Life Lesson not to be messed with: try on bathing suit in February. Yes, February. That’s when you still have enough time to maybe get it together for the summer. Try to stick to this rule. That’s when the bathing suits first hit the store racks, so you have more options. It is also the only time you are allowed to buy a bathing suit that is tight.

I bought a new bathing suit in February this year, and actually wore it in February! For the first time in forever, I went on a vacation with friends. Requirements for a beach body in February, are far less stringent in my book. It’s like a dress rehearsal. Everyone should realize you are not quite ready for the main show. Hence, the picture in the cover-up. I know what I need to do. Check back in summer to see if I can actually do it. WARNING: high likelihood of another cover-up shot.