Since we are one nation obsessed with Mason Jars, it only seemed right we pull out the acrylic and paint with red, white and blue. Except we didn’t have white.


So we made do. They turned out so cute, we didn’t even miss the white paint. But if we did, we could have easily filled the jars with white rice, or cotton balls. To get the star effect, we cut star shapes out of duct tape and stuck to the jar. We painted right over them, and when the paint was dry, we peeled them off. TIP: Expect your star edges to be messy. You can clean them up and create sharp lines with a toothpick.


And if you don’t have bunting, but want that patriotic feeling, here’s a fast and cheap way to get the look. We bought a red, a white and a blue plastic table cloth at a dollar store. We used rubber bands to bundle the ends, and string to tie in the middle and at each end.


Done! Took less than five minutes and we don’t have to worry about it getting wet. For fun, we added white paper stars. ┬áCheap & easy!