mugs 1

Last year when we were moving, Good-Bye Mugs were one of those projects that really made me feel like I got it right as a mom. Brenna wanted to give her friends a little gift at the end of her going away party. Good Bye mugs were perfect because they allowed Brenna to feel connected to her friends as we prepared to move away. Plus, we love crafting!

mugs 5

You will need mugs, chalk board paint, a paint brush and painter’s tape.

mugs 4

If you want, you can rough up the area you plan to paint with sandpaper. It’s not necessary, but the paint will adhere faster. Then tape off the area with painter’s tape, paint and allow to dry over night.

mugs 3

Even a year later, I still love looking at the little messages she wrote to her friends!

mugs 2