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Ok…Adventures in Decorating is an understatement. MSNBC got me involved in some serious speed decorating! I loved it! I felt like I was on a reality show– decorate this beautiful NYC apartment in a hot second, with no ladder, no water! (that water part is a lie). It was like Survivor meets MSNBC’s The Cycle. Thank goodness anchor Abby Huntsman is so laid back, and so much fun!


It didn’t turn out all bad. This a sneak peek at Abby’s coffee table. Complete with natural wood elements (think Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Obama) and adorable Santa pics we had reprinted from when Abby and her husband were little kids. (think Peg Christian, my Mom. Stole this idea from her). Abby had never seen her husband’s pic with Santa, and her reaction was super sweet. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.


The whole crew came together to try get this done. Below, is a pic of the saddest Christmas pole. Proof you definitely need the right tools to decorate. In this case, a ladder!


Looking back, speed decorating is a great way to start. You bang out all your ground work, but then you need time to go back an finese. Some things you can throw together fast, like this center piece using silver ornaments, glass bowls and battery operated lights. Some things you can’t throw together in less than an hour. Lesson learned. Note: we all laughed till we cried over that pole! It still makes me crack up.


Here’s the link: