Favorite Day 3
I got a kick out of watching my teen age daughter get TV ready for her first on camera interview! Here’s the back story:
This year, I was thrilled when I got to be part of the decorating team for First Lady Michelle Obama. I was even more thrilled when I got to bring my teenage daughter Maeve to see the decorations in D.C. Then my friend Lynn Doyle, host of Comcast’s “It’s Your Call,” invited both Maeve and I to be guests on her show! I talked about the history of White House Christmas decorating and Maeve talked about what it was like to go to a White House Holiday Party. I know I had more fun then she did, but it was pretty awesome. Moms of teenagers don’t often get the chance to be cool!

Favorite Day 1

Here’s we are on set. Not bad, huh?

Favorite Day 2