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No more pencils, no more books…..in our living room at least!  The kids went back at it again last June and collected recycled school supplies to donate to students in need.  Year 2 was a big success as you can see by the mess in our house.

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This year the local media even got in on the story as one angry resident wrote an editorial and made the same observation that my kids already had: perfectly good school supplies end up in the trash come the last day of school. The newspaper covering the story shared what my kids were doing to donate barely used school supplies. This lead to even more donations. At this rate, we will probably be buried in binders next year.


Still, this good deed is pretty simple.  The kids collect the supplies in boxes the last week of school, then they sort and clean them, and we drop off to a donation center.   We got such a warm welcome at the Trenton Soup Kitchen that we will be back for sure next year.