Restaurants are a super easy and convenient way to celebrate special events. My favorite tip is to customize your table — especially if its a small celebration. Above is what I had going on at our house.


And this is how it looked at the restaurant. Brenna and her friend were graduating elementary school, and we took them to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. I hit the craft store looking for something that said “school” to me, and left with the chalk board easels and letters. A little hot glue later, I had what my southern friends would call an appropriate monogram. I added some flowers in the tiny watering cans and headed to the resturant a few minutes early.


The girls were surprised and felt really special. The best part about this, is you get a lot of impact for a little work. The restaurant does all the hard stuff– ironing the table cloth, cleaning the glasses, polishing the silver (ok, that might be over the top, but you get the idea). You do only the fun stuff. Try it next time, you’ll be happy you did.