Back to School Hacks because I’ve learned a thing or two….(or stolen them from my friends).

bts 3

1) Sharpie on a String. Oh, how I love my sharpie on a string. As somebody who can never find a pen, or one that writes, having a incredibly bold sharpie to put names on lunch bags, sign last minute forms, label clothes as the kids are going out the door, just makes my life easier. There’s something so permanent about a sharpie that it just makes me believe whatever is going out the door, just might come back.

school hacks 1

2) Create a downstairs Hair Station. I swear, there’s something about children that they just don’t like to go back upstairs by themselves once they come down. Save yourself time and aggravation by making a Hair Station. Everything is right where you need it. Even if you don’t have a downstairs bathroom, keep your hair products on the first floor. It’s a time saver.

school hacks 2

I thought I was so clever using ribbons for the barrettes. Let you know how that goes. Don’t forget your toothbrushes. They can move downstairs too.

bts 4

3) Set your house up like the Pros do. I stole this one from Brenna’s fourth grade teacher. Keep your supplies in see through jars (plastic is probably best) that kids can easily access. No wonder our school supply drawer was always a disaster. Kids need to be able to see what they need.

bts 2

4) Skip White Board Erasers. From that same wonderful teacher, I learned you don’t have to waste money on white board erasers. Old socks will do. Finally, I don’t feel so guilty about those socks who permanently lost their mates. Now my widowed socks have a whole new career.

bts 1

5). Save that Art/Use Archival Folders. I know we can save everything on our devices, but I’m Old School when it comes to my kids’ art work. I know it can be overwhelming, but I promise it goes away. I hardly get any new pieces these days & I treasure the ones I saved. In fact, one of my top mom moments, was when I heard my daughter’s little friend saying, “You’re so lucky, your mom always hangs your art up.” Oh, did I eat that up! So here’s what’s worked for me:

art folder 1

I bought a few of these Archival Art Folders, which you get at art supply stores. They come in a bunch of sizes, and I went for the largest size. So I could drop anything in that came home without worrying about folding and crinkling stuff. Archival Folders are designed to protect and preserve paper. They also lay flat, so they can slide under beds or hang at the back of a closet. I labeled each one with a couple of holidays, and simply drop artwork in as it comes home. I love displaying their art through the year. Totally indulgent!!! But, I’ve grown tired of my ornate frame….I’m feeling a makeover coming on.