Everyday, Brenna is working on her 31 Day Nail Challenge. My first reaction was that it’s easy for her to do because she loves it and she’s just a kid. But the truth is she makes time to do it. And it takes a lot of work and patience. So after a particularly bad year of self neglect, and with Brenna as my inspiration, I’ve added a second resolution. (That’s right — I’m adding resolutions, while others are dropping theirs! Also, notice, I have yet to reveal my first resolution – because I haven’t done a thing about it.) OK, back to the second resolution. I am going to use hand cream for 31 Days. That probably seems like a lot of sentences to write about a little resolution. Well, you haven’t seen my hands. How hard could it be? I can already tell you that some days it will feel impossible. I’ve had this amazing hand cream on my desk since September when a friend gave it to me. That’s right, I looked at this for five months, and never opened it. So it might not be as easy as you think. But, I agree. It’s doable. #littlethings