No sooner had we finised the Valentine Cherry Pie Envelope, then someone wanted to make a roll cake that she had seen on YouTube. Hint: it wasn’t me. I was too tired. We weren’t even done cleaning up from the envelope. And as it was explained to me, it seemed to defy the laws of gravity. Something I wasn’t up for.

However, I did notice that of my three kids, two could care less it was Valentine’s Day. Sensing all three kids slipping away, I got on board with the roll cake. Who knows, this could be the last Valentine’s opportunity. I’ve already aged out of any events at their schools. My days doing kid sutff (at least the non-chauffeur variety) are numbered. We pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees.


You know what? It was spectacular. It did defy gravity. It tasted delicous. Far more fun than the evnelope. All around success. And, I hear you can find out how to do it on You Tube!