Dr. Oz was nice enough to have me on his show as a guest blogger, and what did I do? I stole his fantastic idea. Well, actually it was his staffs’ fantastic idea, but he loved it.  It seems when they  didn’t know what to get the guy who has everything, someone came up with perfect gift.  They stocked the green room with a “nut bar.”   I stole this idea and now I to have nut jars, instead of a cookie jar, on the counter.


We have nuts out and ready to grab at moments notice. Do the kids like them more than cookies? No, but I do see them eating them. So, I count this one as a win.


Now back to the show. Dr. Oz told me he really liked my hair (knew I liked him) and I got to practice my selfie skills.


But, sadly while I was away, someone did this to my kitchen and no one broke in to clean it up.

20140915_115942 (2) <

Yes, this is what happens at my house when I’m at work. How about yours?